Monday, 21 January 2013

Getting A Snowy Surf Fix

We drove through an UK resembling white-out Narnia this weekend to arrive in a frosty, snow-dusted Devon. Treated for our endeavours by beautiful sights such as these (image from EyeballHQ here):
Perfect pealing waves with gleaming faces held up by a light offshore wind. 
I  haven't surfed Saunton in such delightful conditions for years. Saturday was empty and by Sunday everyone seemed to have got the news. Admittedly it was probably a degree or two warmer today - so a few over zero... Strange when it's warmer in the water than out and you're getting snowed on in the parking lot...
Getting my board out of a snow covered bag...
Millie had the best two surfs of her life this weekend. After which we devoured what I, after some serious research in the East of England, believe to be consistently the best pasty I've ever eaten in the Moo Bar (on Hobb's Hill, Croyde, Devon, map). I always go for the steak and Stilton - perfect amount of meat, rich cheese and soft pastry. They have classic peppered steak too for you die-hard aficionados. They're made by made the award winning 'proper Cornish' bakery and baked on site. As we devoured the hot pasties, the owner likened Millie's experience of riding down the face of unbroken waves today as 'like taking her first hit of heroin'.

We've re-kindled the love of surfing and are hooked. Bring on 2013.... then rehab. 

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