Sunday, 13 January 2013

Chicken, Pheasant and Cider Pie with David Bowie

I just cooked this delicious pie courtesy of this BBC Good Food recipe.
The rustic game pie
I only had one pheasant so after de-boning it, I added about 6 chicken breasts to make up the rest of the meat. This is honestly one of the best pies I've made! I'll definitely be making it again. You get a delicious creamy, tangy sauce from the double cream and the dry cider, cider vinegar and whole-grain mustard. I usually think of pork and apples as the perfect pairing but this dish worked magnificently.

Here were the goods on the boil:
It comfortably feeds 6 with a side dish. (I went for roast butternut squash). That's dinner for the week sorted then.

Also, enjoyed cooking this while listening to Jarvis Cocker's Radio 6 show - nicely opened by the new David Bowie song. Great to hear him back.

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