Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas in Brittany... Lobster Pot

People often ask me what Christmas in Brittany is like. Well, I'll start with the food.

I arrived at my mum's house last night and did the usual... opened the fridge (a comforting scene much repeated across the UK no doubt).

However this is France... so in my case I was unexpectedly greeted by the stirrings of two live lobsters eyeballing me from the back of the fridge roused from their frosty, cryogenic slumbers by the waft of heat from the wood fire. These sluggish, local delicacies were promptly tuck back up in bed for the night, just emerging now to enter the boiling pot for the traditional Breton Seafood Soiree (Christmas Eve) feast.

It's been a great day of Delia Smith-inspired orange and port cranberry sauce making, chili con carne stewing and lobster potting.

A nice mix of French and British (and maybe American) cooking. Now on to shuck some oysters. You have to love Brittany with its abundance of shellfish goods. That's what you get when you have a coast line bigger than the rest of France put together.

Raise a Muscadet to that!

The wonderful white wine from the Muscadet region in the western end of the Loire Valley used to be part of Brittany. Brittany however no longer has a wine region. Fortunately though it has countless exceptional dry Breton cidre makers.

So raise a boule de cidre if you prefer!

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