Tuesday, 1 November 2011

First Mince Pie of the Year?

I love mince pies. Their arrival in supermarkets makes me strangely happy, especially since they tend to precede even the monstrously early Christmas carols into store. Mince pies are as much a part of Christmas for me as turkey.

My mum makes the best mince pies I've eaten. I'm sure she is already planning them for Christmas. She adds a light pastry star on top of them as the lid. I'm excited about them now!

So, I just had my first mince pie of the year, which even for me is early. If you can eat a mince pie before Halloween you've done pretty well. Can anyone top that?!

Christmas starts at the beginning of the year if you work in Retail as most retailers plan for and build up to this key sales period all year. I think my body clock and taste buds may have been warped by my time working in this industry.

Mince pies all year round anyone?

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