Sunday, 11 September 2011

My food blog

I love food, cooking and eating different food from all over the world. I'm yet to try something I don't like. I can stomach hard boiled eggs but find the white such an odd texture that they are the only food stuff I can think of I wouldn't be happy to eat.

I've finally decided to write about the food I eat, places I visit and restaurants I recommend. Hopefully there'll be lots of video too to come. I'll be uploading to YouTube soon and embedding as I go.

Any comments, advice, recipes please get in touch!



  1. A surfer, foodie and Blogger...mmmm

  2. This could go on to become a famous foodie journal.

  3. Thanks Fred. Maybe you could make a guest appearance soon? I'll have to film you at the BBQ when I next make it. I'm sure it'll still be hot enough in Brittany.