Sunday, 11 September 2011

Best Food I've Ever Eaten

So, a nice punchy starter to give you a taste of things to come...

Best food I've ever eaten: Sardines BBQ'ed by the side of a dusty, Moroccan road by a kid fanning some coals.

They were plucked fresh from the sea that morning and I'd just got out of the water myself fresh from a mammoth surf session. I was famished and ate the sardines in a bread roll. My friend, Skeg, was driving and we had no cutlery so I tore the bread and filleted the sardines by hand.  We ate while driving up the coast to the next surf spot. What a finger-licking, delicious mess!

There's a wonderful connection you have to seafood when you know you've shared the water with the creatures that same day. It definitely makes the food taste better as the saltiness brings back memories of the water.

We were somewhere north of Taghazout, Morocco: map in a town that was just along a road. Possibly this surf spot:

A few massive sardines and a whole loaf of round Moroccan bread cost us about a pound. Sardines BBQ'ed straight from the water stuffed into a bread roll still tops my list of favourite foods 4 years on. Thank you Morocco!

I miss you (and your waves)....

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